Saturday, 7 November 2009

So proud!

Guys - you are all simply amazing - the writing has gone so well for practically everyone, even if we are all trying various bits of procrastination!

My procrastination is: leaving my memory stick with Vassilly's Daughter at work.

This however means that I have no idea what I'm on as I managed to get some words down yesterday at work - I know, right? Aren't I supposed to work at work..well, if no one else is in, and I have nothing to do... ;-)

I have all of tomorrow - Sunday, to get some words down as Mark is going fishing. He's getting up at FOUR IN THE MORNING to do this. That's insane. *snuggle further into duvet*

So, I get to write my "Send in a man with a gun" scene. Which will kickstart the physical violent and hopefully gory action. Yes, uhm, I am writing a YA. (hee hee)

Oh, the picture above is of female boxer: Danyelle Wolf - find her website here. I love her look and her build. She's a perfect match for my main character, Nika. I hope, if Danyelle or her coach finds this, that they don't mind me nabbing the picture!

Oh! (snaps fingers as idea hits) I know what I'm doing next, searching to find a picture of Thorn and then one for Alex - that means everyone of import has a face. Oh, sorry, procrastination!


  1. LOL! so my procrastination is writing peripheral scenes to my story-not the main character section but other characters that are volunteering to do world building and background. I keep jumping along the time line w/ them too--stopping at the point where the characters interact w/ the main story line... Putting all the pieces in to the story line where they fit in will be intersting

  2. Haha. My usual procrastination technique has popped up! I keep switching between writing fun stuff and writing my essay. Alas, nothing much on either is getting done as a result.

  3. Well, I've tried a few things in terms of procrastination, and had a few things thrust upon me! Whole family has been home on and off for the week with suspected swine flu - myself and the boy for the most part, hubs looking after us, and daughter since thursday. I made a book trailer for The Wolf's Mate (it's on my website & lj if you'd like a look), finished some fine line edits, and a couple of other regular things I have to do.

    But I've made my wordcount in spite of it all, and for that I'm both proud and grateful.

    I'm a little worried that my characters are displaying far too much angst (not usual for them) and that I'm going to run out of plot for a novel length story, but hey, we'll burn that bridge when we come to it ;)

  4. psst were we supposed to do a status update today? or is that tomorrow?

  5. @Axisor, I think it was supposed to be yesterday... I was keeping mum until I'd got a respectable wordcount. ;) Lmao.

  6. Quick tip from hubby. Never rely on a memory stick as your only copy (or only backup copy) of writing (or whatever data). They get lost, dropped in the coffee, the loo, a puddle or the swimming pool or just plain trodden on. Just sayin' (as they say on that thar intarwebz)…

  7. P.S. I am up to 9743 words as of typing.