Saturday, 28 November 2009

Final Daze

Hello all!

Monday is the last day of NaNoWriMo. Monday is the last day of this month's IndyWriMo.

I've not done well, at all. I started off really well and petered out towards the middle and completely gave up at the end. I feel bad - it feels like I've somehow betrayed myself and am annoyed by that.

But then, hardly being at home and procrastinating does this too you.

So - today is the last day of this month's IndyWriMo - I think I've managed around 18+k. Not ideal, but vastly better than a poke in the eye with a stick.

How did everyone else do?

Also - who's up for a December IndyWriMo?

Here's my thinking: the above 18k was on my YA WIP. December for me will be rewrites on Djinn. Mark and I joined an informal critique group just this week past. We each got a chance to talk about our writing with the others in the group listening. Yeah, I know - utterly petrifying.

But what came out of the first meeting was thoughts on me straying from the original mythologies I'm using and bringing in other pantheons, which is a no-no. Which makes sense. It also means killing off a character and wiping their presence from the book which after much thought made me realise that yes, this is something I can and want to do as it suddenly will explain so much more about my main character Nicholas. D'oh! And of course, my Adversary in the novel is completely miscast and with a slight flick of my wrist, hey frigging presto, personal stakes are raised and it's suddenly a different animal all together.

So, I'd like to work on Djinn as much as possible this December and January and would love the support of my fellow IndyWriMo-ers. Let me know if you'd be interested. As we said in the original post: Indy isn't just for November!

Oh, as for the illustration above: that is by Wayne Reynolds whom I love. (his initials WAR) He did the sketch in our tiny autograph book which Mark took to Thoughtbubble last weekend. Wayne is incredibly talented and erudite and it was only as I was looking for a piccie to stick up on the blogpost that I saw that Mark had scanned this into the Mac. And it suits - because in the YA WIP a young fae girl walks across the street and a pair of horns lift from her brow. And this picture illustrates her perfectly.


  1. My thoughts on the WriMo experience

    P.S. Why can I not paste into the "post a comment" box? Typing URLS is a nightmare! Just sayin'.

  2. Great post, Liz. I'm up for December! I want to finish my latest draft of Finding Darkness and start on Frankie's story.

    Who are you killing off in Djinn and how are you changing the baddie?

  3. My final amount is around 16000 which is an improvement on my normal monthly word count so I'm happy. Having said that, I'm up for December as I've got a bit more to do to finish my draft :)

  4. By my calender, i still have another day of writing--though I have crossed the 15k mark--which i'm excited about.

    I'll do december--though i know that 1k a day is too much for me write now. 4k/week is good for me andthat's what i'm going to work towards. i'm willing to track other's goals too if they aren't 1k/day too

  5. My final count is 19740, I'm still about 23k from getting to the end so I'd be happy to try to carry on. Not sure what's happen next at the moment, and December is likely to be insane, but why not? No one ever said writing was a sane practice, did they? :)

  6. I'll post graphs tomorrow on my LJ

    My final is 15,814. I'm pretty pleased with it. that's almost 4k a week, which I think is really closer to my pace. It leaves me some days to catch up and other days to relax.

    This has been mucho fun though and I'd be happy to keep going.

  7. graphs are up on my LJ so congrats on all who participated. We totaled 122,472 words.

    I'm taking the day off writing., maybe two. I'm sure you'll understand when you check out the graphs's entry (yes--cheap plug)