Tuesday, 17 November 2009

November 17th - Check In

Hi guys, that time again.

So how are we all doing?

I'm now at 10000 - hoorah for that but still way short!


  1. Goodness, is it that time again? Well, I have a measly 6000 words on my new project, but reworked 8 chapters. They still need stacks of work, but I've sent them to my beta reader.

  2. On the 17th, I am at 7897. Don't worry Tina! No one is doing absolutely perfect (or ahead) anymore by the values I've plotted thus far/ Here's hoping to strong recoveries though.

    I'm pulling for everyone. After I think I have as many as I'm going to get, I'll post links to where the graphs can be found.

  3. I'm not much further - have had severe eye strain yesterday, I kid you not. I couldn't even read anything on the screen without squinting.

    For all my big talk, I am now thinking: make time to write, dammit!

  4. I'm badly behind I'm afraid - 12,500. But I think I have the ultimate excuse having been totally stressed out since last Thursday over two offers of agent representation! I made the decision Monday evening and floated on a big cloud of elation yesterday. This evening I will be heading to bed early because I'm SHATTERED. But tomorrow... I promise... I will get back to the writing. :)

  5. hey, r f long, you're in 3rd place of the self reported numbers--just to let you know. Just shy of 3/4s of the pace so don't sweat it. I'm at 46% :)

  6. At the end of the 17th I was at 14193 and 2807 words behind. Today is the 22nd and yesterday was another 0 word day. Damned Multiple Sclerosis. Anyway, now I am at 17644 and am 3356 behind. I am okay with this though. If I do not finish within November, I will use the process that has found me this month and continue to write. I mean, 30k is a bit short for a Novel, anyway and so I will *need* to keep writing after November! I might even make my target and deadline be 60k at the end of December 31st - a better length and as we are not a household for the families, still achievable! I thihk NaNoEdMo is in May, anyway…